AzurA Toaster oven a very effective electric machine. If your kitchen is small and cannot accommodate bigger ovens, this is ideal for you. With easy to operate features, its size and compactness, your cooking and baking will never be the same again.

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AzurA Toaandrew-james-mini-ovenster oven is suitable for preparing all sorts of dishes; heating up snacks, making toasts and preparing small servings. Besides, AzurA Toaster oven has great features and comes in version which include AzurA Toaster 9/ 1000W and AzurA Toaster 18/ 1200W.
1. Adjustable temperature control
This feature will make tour cooking a whole lot new experience. With temperature adjustment feature, your could be able to calibrate it to any temperature to suit your needs. There is no fear of your snacks or toast getting over heated because of high temperatures common in manual ovens. You could slow or speed up your cooking depending on your schedule.

2. Small and compact
AzurA Toaster oven is small and compact. This means that you will be able to save space in your kitchen while meeting the same quality of cooking. The compactness gives it tenacity, strength and power to do the cooking. There is no fear of it crumbling.

3. Fitted timer
AzurA Toaster oven comes with a timer, a very important feature. It ensures your cooking is safe and care-free. It also enables you to safely do cooking of recipes that require strict timing.

4. Non-stick cavity coating
The inside of the oven is coated with non-stick material. This makes the oven easy to clean and in perfect condition for your cooking.

5. Comes with wire rack, crumb tray and baking tray.
The well fitting baking tray, will ensure that your baking is effective and of good quality. All this added features ensure that your cooking is done with no difficulty.

AzurA Toaster oven is therefore smart, reliable and effective. It makes your cooking easy, saves you space and produces quality needed.



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